Buy Indramat on eBay?

Grilled cheese, cornflakes, mummified birds, hair, what can’t you buy on eBay? Well if you can buy anything on that list you know you can buy Indramat drives, servos, and controls from eBay. A quick search for “Indramat” brings up over 6,200 results. You can buy virtually anything on eBay, Indramat included. Should you, however, buy… Read more »

Improving Throughput Could Be Easier than You Think

It doesn’t matter what industry you look at, improving throughput is a common and desirable goal. It’s almost a no-brainer really. Better throughput brings with it lower costs and higher profits. You’d be pressed to find someone who would object to that. And it doesn’t always take drastic measures to accomplish this. Sometimes improving throughput requires… Read more »

How Heat Causes Indramat Failures

Summer brings to mind, sunglasses, ice cream, hot days and heat-caused failures to Indramat servo drives. Heat can lead to different problems with drives, but the most common is failure of the powered fan. Fan failure can be a big deal. If the fan stops working the drive will age at an accelerated rate. Every week that… Read more »

3D Printing, Sensors, and the Future of Servo Motors

Servo motors are different from your ordinary motor because they are controlled by feedback. The most basic type of motor provides power so that a machine will run: the motor is switched on, it provides the kind and amount of power it was built to provide, and the machine uses that power to do whatever… Read more »

Speeding Up the Line

Most people think that speed is the name of the game. Fast cars, fast internet fast pizza delivery. For some things faster is better, but that’s not always the case. Let’s say that you want to increase the speed in your plant. Speeding things up isn’t a problem, but is your current equipment capable of supporting… Read more »

Automation and Nike

Nike has cut some 106,000 jobs and closed 125 factories, thanks to increased automation in shoe manufacturing. The result: a cut in their workforce of nearly 10%, along with a rise in profits and revenue. The company says they’re looking to work with “fewer, better” manufacturing partners. Sounds like a happy ending, doesn’t it? The… Read more »

Industrial Feeders

Indramat servos are used for plenty of different tasks, but one that’s interested us lately is metal feeding. Feeders often use Indramat servomotors. Press feeders push and pull sheets of metal up to six feet or more wide, often from coils of sheet metal, up to where they can be stamped and cut and crimped… Read more »

When to Upgrade

Upgrade. The word just sounds so good. Up is always a good direction to be going right? Even if upgrading your machinery sounds like the right thing to do, that’s not always the case. Sometimes people get caught up in the latest and greatest and they waste money upgrading a piece of equipment that is still fully functional…. Read more »

Indramat CLC-D and Batteries

If you’re not that intimate with your Indramat CLC-D, you might not think about its battery. We know this from experience, since we have conversations like this: “It says ‘Indramat CLC-D’ on it, and it’s not working.” “How’s the battery?” “Battery?!” So, first things first. Yes, your Indramat CLC-D uses a battery. A 3-volt Lithium… Read more »