The MKD series is a family of synchronous servo motors from Indramat, the company that revolutionized servo technology in the 20th century. The MKD AC motor was designed to be used with intelligent control drives, in applications such as machine tools, printing, packaging, paper, food preparation and packaging, and handling automation.

The MKD motors are known for their reliability. They were sold as maintenance-free motors, brushless and fully sealed. The bearings were lubricated for their entire service life — and there’s one of the complications for this motor. The expected service life was about 10 years. Many MDK motors have now been in service for two or three times that long, or more. Naturally, they need new bearings and lubrication.

The best solution is factory remanufacture. Factory reman involves replacement of all wearing parts, including bearings. New lubrication is provided and the motor is fully sealed and repainted.

Remanufactured components return to you in like-new condition with a new warranty.

The MKD071 series has a flange length of 115 millimeters and a centering diameter of 95 millimeters. This is a medium frame size for the MKD series. MKD071B likewise denotes a medium frame length, with a measurement of 8.0 Nm.

MKD071B-035 refers to the 035 winding code. The frame size and length, together with the winding code, specifies the electrical output for the motor.

G denotes a plain shaft and P a shaft with a keyway. 0 says there is no holding brake for this motor. K tells us that the power output goes to a connection box.

Each MKD motor has a feedback system. Relative feedback systems are identified by the letter N, and absolute feedback systems are called P.

The MKD071B-035-KG0-KN can’t be replaced with another MDK motor. Indramat motion control systems have the advantage of modular design, but your MKD071B-035-KG0-KN must be replaced by exactly the same model. As you can see from the discussion of the various characteristics of this motor, a motor with a different type code can be extremely different. You can’t replace your servo with a similar servo motor that has a different feedback system or a different frame size.

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