Your Indramat EcoDrive may be older than most of the people working on the factory floor. DKC drives run for decades with need for service. In fact, your DKC drive may never fail. However, this means that most engineers won’t know how to fix them if the drive ever does stop working. Call 479-422-0390 if your Indramat DKC02.3-200-7-FW  drive fails.

Replacing DKC02.3-200-7-FW drives

Make sure that your drive is actually defective before you try to replace it. Indramat DKC drives are legacy, which means that they aren’t always available. More importantly, Indramat drive error codes don’t always indicate drive failure. Any number of issues can cause an error code, and many of them are much simpler fixes than replacing the drive.

Make sure that you accurately diagnose the error and work through the causes in order of likelihood. We can assist with troubleshooting Indramat errors directly over the phone.

If you do need to replace your drive, make sure that you get the correct replacement. Make sure that the type code matches exactly. The DKC02.3-200-7-FW drive has the highest current rating of any DKC02.3 drive: 200 amps. DKC02.3 drives also come with maximum current ratings of 16A, 40A, and 100A. Replacing your DKC02.3-200-7-FW drive with a drive that has a lower current rating can cause downtime.

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It’s important to diagnose the error quickly and accurately; we can help with this and offr troubleshooting support. If the problem is with your drive, we can send a replacement DKC02.3-200-7-FW drive to your factory as quickly as possible.

Indramat factory repair is another great option. It’s quick, convenient, and cost-effective. Factory repair greatly extends the lifetime of your machinery and maximizes your ROI. We offer factory repair services with 24-hour turnaround. Your unit will be restored to like-new condition and comes back to you with a new one-year factory warranty.

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