MAD Motors

Indramat MAD Motors

Indramat has been making remarkable servo motors for decades. One of the newest is the IndraDyn MAD motor, a current product from the company that now owns Indramat. The new motor series name, IndraDyn, honors Indramat’s legacy as an innovative producer of highest quality servo motors.

The MAD motor is part of the IndraDyn A series of asynchronous motors. These motors, featuring a squirrel-cage rotor and an attached ventilating fan, are known for their high performance and high throughput.

The MAF series is like the MAD motors, but with liquid cooling systems. The air-cooled models are all MAD motors. These motors are most often used in demanding applications such as printing, paper processing, metal-forming machine tools, and packaging. These motors are not designed for extreme environments. If you need a servo that can be used underwater or in extreme ambient temperatures, you should choose a different model.

New or Factory Repair?

You can purchase MAD motors new. However, the high quality of these motors means that they can be factory repaired to a like-new standard. MAD motors were specifically designed to be repair-friendly. As with all Indramat products, that means factory repair. Third-party repair shops do not have access to the original parts or specs. Factory repair is not just a matter of tinkering around to make the motor work. All wearing parts are replaced and your unit returns to you with a warranty.

MAD Motors

MAD motors are used as rotary main-spindle and servo-drive motors. They come in power levels from 10 to 93 kW. They have a maximum speed of 11,000 rpm. The various motors may have holding brakes and fan cowls. “MAD” refers to the motor type. The three digits following “MAD” (for example, “100” or “225”) refer to the frame size. The letter, for example “B” or “D,” gives the frame length. This is followed by a four-digit code for the winding length. Additional numbers and letters give details of bearings, brakes, and more.

These are the models you are most likely to see in service:






No matter which MAD motor you have, we will provide service and repair quickly and efficiently, minimizing costly downtime.