The DKC drives were introduced as part of Indramat’s Ecodrive family. Ecodrive stood for “economy drive” — a chance for the smaller manufacturer to get the benefits of the power and precision of Indramat drive and control technology.

The DKC Series is an AC Servo Amplifier Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat. This Drive features a voltage rating of DC 700V.

This range of drives is no longer being manufactured, so you should not be looking for a new DKC04.3. Fortunately, the company that acquired Indramat still supports this legacy drive.

When they complete factory repair or reman of an Indramat component, they replace all the wearing parts. Since they use the newest version of each of those parts, your DKC04.3 drive will be better than it was when it was new. It will be able to take advantage of the technological improvements that have come along since you installed it.

Your drive will also come back to you with a new warranty: usually, it’s one year for factory repair and two years for factory reman. If you have a DKC04.3, however, you already know that these drives can be expected to last for decades.

That’s economy!

If you need to replace your DKCo4.3 drive, make sure you get the same type code that you already have. These are the type codes that are available:


  • DKC04.3-016-7-FW
  • DKC04.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC04.3-100-7-FW
  • DKC04.3-200-7-FW

Find the code on the component before you call — or we’ll be happy to help you find it if that’s an obstacle.

We’ll also help you troubleshoot and diagnose the problem so you can be confident about your chosen solution.