The MKD041B-144-KP0-KN is a servo motor from Indramat’s MKD series. We can provide 24 hour turnaround for factory repair. We also have the largest stock of emergency replacement units in the nation. Call us for immediate assistance.

What is the MKD041B-144-KP0-KN?

Indramat’s MKD series of servo motors work together with Indramat’s digital drives, known as intelligent drives. They are among the most flexible of the Indramat servos, designed to provide easy installation, high performance, and reliability in adverse environmental conditions.

They’re often used in printing, packaging, food preparation, and machine tools.

The MKD series includes a range of sizes, from 025 to 112. The MKD041B-144-KP0-KN is a medium range member of the line. 041 is the frame size and B describes the length. 144 is the winding code. The remaining digits specify a multiturn encoder, a shaft with a keyway, and a terminal box. There is no holding brake on this motor.

Service options

Indramat electric motion control components are not designed to be repaired in the field. Troubleshooting and repair on the machine lead to costly downtime. Instead, the modular design allows you to pull the faulty component off the machine and replace it with a new component.

It’s essential that your replacement have the same type code number as the faulty item. Choosing a similar looking MKD motor from eBay or Amazon will not solve the problem.

Taking the faulty unit to your local third party repair shop will also not solve the problem. Third party shops do not have access to original parts.

The best choice is factory repair. Factory repair means that your unit will return to you in like-new condition. In fact, since parts may have been updated and improved since your component was manufactured, it is likely that your MKD041B-144-KP0-KN will be in better condition than when it was first installed.

Reman can be an even better option. All wearing parts, such as bearings, flanges, switches, and encoders, are replaced. The entire unit is cleaned. The motor is fully sealed — and therefore maintenance free — and relacquered. In most cases, you will reeive a 24 month warranty on the component.

We offer 24-hour turnaround on most repairs.