You can’t just replace your Indramat DDS drive with any old DDS drive. You can’t always swap out your drive with one that matches the series and version, either. It’s absolutely essential that you match the type code exactly when replacing Indramat drives. With 150 different types of DDS drive, however, finding the right one can be a challenge. Here’s some information about DDS02.1-W100-DS01-00 drive, and how to find a replacement.

What do all those numbers mean?

Here’s a look at the different parts of the DDS02.1-W100-DS01-00 drive type code to help you understand why it’s important to get an exact match.

  • “DDS” refers to the product group, which in this case is the DDS family of servo drives from Indramat.
  • The “02.1” following “DDS” indicates that this is a series 2 drive, version 1.
  • “W” means that this drive is cooled by airflow inside the control cabinet.
  • The “100” after the cooling type lets you know that DDS02.1-W100-DS01-00 drives are rated for 100 amperes.
  • After the current rating you have the motor feedback type. The “D” means that the drive has a digital servo feedback.
  • Next, the “S” indicates a SERCOS interface communications module.
  • The last pair of numbers indicates function i.d. version.

As you can see, these different characters communicate important information. You must get an exact match for the type code when replacing Indramat drives.

Servicing your DDS02.1-W100-DS01-00 drive

One easy way to ensure that you get an identical replacement is to simply continue using your current unit. If your drive needs to be replaced, consider a factory repair or reman instead.

Indramat factory repair corrects the problem with your existing unit and provides a one-year factory warranty. Reman is like getting a brand new drive, and you gt a 2-year warranty for your drive.

If you do need to replace your drive, contact Indramat specialists who can guarantee that you’re getting the exact unit that fits your motion control system.

For replacement, repair, or reman for any Indramat products, call 479-422-0390.