The MKD041B-144-GP0-KN is a synchronous servo motor developed by Indramat. Indramat, a 20th century company, revolutionized the servo motor with brushless servos and modular design. The MKD motor was developed to work with Indramat’s “intelligent” digital drives.

If your MKD041B-144-GP0-KN stops working, you can quickly replace it with a new MKD041B-144-GP0-KN without making any other changes to the system. Correctly configured, the new component takes up where the faulty unit left off.

This means that getting your local handyman in to fix the MKD041B-144-GP0-KN is not a good idea. Indramat no longer exists as a company. Your local fix-it shop doesn’t have access to new replacement parts.

Choose factory repair instead

Indramat was bought by Rexroth to serve as their electric motion control division. Rexroth still supports Indramat components. When you send your MKD041B-144-GP0-KN in for factory repair, you will receive a like-new servo motor back.

In fact, your MKD041B-144-GP0-KN might be better than new. Factory reman means that all wearing parts are replaced. If the parts have been improved since your servo was new, it will receive the improved parts at no extra charge.

Bearings are lubricated again and the motor is fully sealed again. It will also be repainted. Your motor goes back into service with many more useful years ahead.

You avoid the tension and the costs of excessive downtime — the most expensive and unpleasant part of the motor breakdown experience. Contact us and let us help you get back up and running fast.