2AD Motors

Indramat 2AD Motors

We provide service, support, and factory repair for Indramat 2AD servo motors. Since this is our specialty, we have the experience and the skills you need for any Indramat problem. However, Indramat does not sell factory components to third party repair houses — not even to us — so your best option when you have serious problems with your Indramat 2AD motor is factory repair.


We have the nation’s largest selection of Emergency Exchange units on hand. We offer factory repair with 24 hour turnaround, and we have charter aircraft available to expedite the process. We know that losing a servo motor is an emergency situation, and we’re committed to getting your company back to normal as fast as possible.


New or Factory Repair?

Indramat’s quality is second to none, and one of the ways they keep it that way is by insisting that repairs must be done at the factory. Your servo motors will be like new after factory repair, and we can speed the process for any of the motors listed below.

2AD Motors

2AD motors serve as spindle motors or servo motors in high-pressure applications such as printing presses, reshaping machines, and packing machines.

Indramat 2AD motors are AC servos. These are the varieties you are most likely to find in service:

  • 2AD101
  • 2AD104
  • 2AD132
  • 2AD160
  • 2AD164
  • 2AD180
  • 2AD200
  • 2AD225

We can work with all of these versions.

All these 2AD motors give you the option of flange mounting or flange and foot mounting.