Indramat DKC drives are a part of the Ecodrive family. The Ecodrive series has both performance and reliability in spades, all in an cost-effective package. We still see DKC drives operating perfectly more than 30 years after they were first installed. Indramat servo drives hardly ever fail. Here’s some useful information if your Indramat DKC01.1-030-3-FW drive ever starts acting up.

Don’t throw in the towel on your DKC01.3-100-7-FW drive

Ecodrive error codes don’t always indicate a problem with your drive. Always check your Indramat troubleshooting guide to see exactly what that error code means. There’s a good chance that the problem lies elsewhere, and your DKC01.3-100-7-FW drive is still in good working condition.

The easiest way to clear Indramat error codes is by calling us at 479-422-0390. We successfully clear most Ecodrive errors with you over the phone. We can also provide immediate assistance if it turns out that you do have a defective drive.

Call for DKC01.3-100-7-FW drive replacement or repair

You have three options when your DKC drive no longer works.

  1. Replace your entire system.
  2. Replace your DKC01.3-100-7-FW drive
  3. Repair your DKC drive

Option one requires a lot of planning, a lot of downtime, and a lot of expense. Completely overhauling your system isn’t something that you should do out of panic. Your best option is either to repair your current DKC drive or find a replacement DKC drive.

Replacing your DKC drive can sometimes prove difficult. Indramat components haven’t been made since the turn of the century, and the Indramat parts you do find aren’t always in good condition. We carry factory refurbished Indramat drives, controls, and motors.

Repair may be the most popular option. Repairing your drive maximizes your ROI and it ensures that you have the exact part that you need. Factory repaired units are serviced by trained Indramat technicians, and your unit is backed by a full one-year factory warranty. Indramat reman takes factory repair to the next level: your unit is restored to like new condition and comes with a two-year warranty.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat repair, reman, or replacement.