MKD071B-061-GG0-KN is a synchronous servo motor built by the Indramat company. The MKD series is a hardworking family of servo motors designed to work with Indramat’s digital servo drives. These servos are often found in printing, paper, packaging, and similar applications.

The code number MKD071B-061-GG0-KN tells us all about the motor.

MKD says this is part of the MKD series. 071 tells us the size, ranging from 025 to 112. B is the frame length, with options ranging from A to D.

The next set of numbers is the winding code. This tells us the speed of the motor. 061 is the winding code for the MKD071B-061-GG0-KN.

GG0 tells more details of the motor. The first G refers to the feedback system: a resolver system. The second G says this motor has a plain shaft, with no keyway. The 0 in this string of numbers shows that there is no holding brake on this servo motor.

Do you have a faulty MKD071B-061-GG0-KN?

Indramat motion control systems are modular, so you can remove a faulty component and replace it quickly.This reduces downtime, which is usually the largest cost involved in a servo motor failure. Paying the cost of keeping the factory open while the machines are down, plus the possibility of fines or lost orders, quickly outweighs the cost of replacing a faulty part.

This means that there is no point in looking for a bargain.

We keep the nation’s largest inventory of emergency replacement parts on hand, and we can fly the replacement part to you by charter plane. All our parts are factory refurbished. That means they’ve been remanufactured in the factory with original parts and specs.

While a used component or a component fixed up by a third-party might work for a while, a factory reman part with a warranty is a better bet.

Call us at (479) 422-0390 when you need support for your MKD071B-061-GG0-KN or for any part of your Indramat motion control system.