MSK Motors

Indramat MSK Servo Motors

The Indramat MSK Servo Motor (also advertised as the IndraDyn S) can be used with the IndraDrive series of drives as well as the Indramat drives. It offers high torque density and is a common choice for food preparation and packaging machines, metal forming applications, and printing presses.

In addition to power, MSK servo motors also offer an extremely high degree of precision. MSK servo motors were among the first to use optical encoder systems.
Since MSK servo motors are compatible with the current generation of IndraDrive components, it makes sense to keep them in service as long as possible. Your best bet is factory repair. You can’t break down or troubleshoot MSK motors on the machine. Their modular design means you can quickly pull one off and replace it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new servo. Factory repair gives you a like-new component at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Factory Repair

Reman Indramat MDD Servo Motor

New or Factory Repair?

Indramat doesn’t sell their internal motor components to third party repair services. When you need new components for your motor’s repair, your choices are either Indramat factory repair or replacing those components with something that’s not from Indramat. We provide factory repair for Indramat MSK servo motors with 24 turnaround.

Available MSK Type Codes

  • MSK030B
  • MSK030C
  • MSK040B
  • MSK040C
  • MSK050B
  • MSK050C
  • MSK060B
  • MSK060C
  • MSK061C
  • MSK070C
  • MSK070D
  • MSK070E
  • MSK071C
  • MSK071D
  • MSK071E
  • MSK076E
  • MSK100B
  • MSK100C
  • MSK100D
  • MSK101C
  • MSK101D
  • MSK101E