The MKD071B-061-GP1-KN is a larger size in the Indramat MKD range of synchronous brushless servo motors. As you can see from the photo above, MKD motors come in a great range of sizes. All are 3-phase permanent magnet motors, with completely closed housing design that makes them ideal for harsh environments. Many of the models are suited to explosive environments, and all of them are hardworking, long-wearing machines.

The MKD071B-061-GP1-KN has resolver feedback encoder integrated into the motor itself. It has a plain shaft — no keyway — and a 5 Nm holding brake.

This is a very popular motor for machine tooling, printing, packaging, and other applications requiring plenty of power.

We’ve heard engineers say that almost every facility is going to have at least one Indramat machine somewhere in the building, and it’s likely to be an MKD071B-061-GP1-KN. If you’re using one, you probably rely on it heavily. Chances are, it’s been a workhorse in your facility for decades.

The MKD071B-061-GP1-KN is maintenance-free, which is great. But that also means that it probably hasn’t received maintenance in all these years. If it’s also been in a challenging environment, your MKD71B-061-GP1-KN probably needs repair or reman, even if it isn’t having any noticeable problems.

Factory reman includes cleaning of all components, replacement of all wearing parts (including the bearings), and thorough testing. Your MKD071B-061-GP1-KN comes back to you with a new 24-month warranty.

We have a large stock of emergency replacement parts, so you don’t have to experience costly downtime. Pull your MKD071B-061-GP1-KN off the machine, replace it with the emergency replacement unit we send you, and you will be up and running while you wait for your motor to return to you.

If you prefer, we can send you a factory remanufactured motor and you can keep it. Your problem will be solved in one step.

Either way, you can feel comfortable knowing that we are Indramat drive and control specialists with decades of experience working with the MKD71B-061-GP1-KN and other Indramat components. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance, or use the form below.

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