The DKC11.3-200-7-FW drive from Indramat has the highest current rating of any DKC11.3 drive. Like the other drives in the DKC11.3 series, the DKC11.3-200-7-FW drive is easy to swap out and replace, assuming you have the correct replacement drive. Here are some things to consider when trying to replace your DKC11.3-200-7-FW drive.

Indramat drives are legacy

They don’t make Indramat drives like they used to — literally. Indramat motion control products are all legacy products. This means that they are no longer manufactured new, and all Indramat drives that will ever exist already exist. Indramat officially closed its doors in 2001, but Bosch Rexroth still provides support for these products.

Be wary of third parties

You can find decent replacement drives from third parties. However, there’s no way of knowing the history of a module. How was the drive stored? Was it taken care of? Has it been repaired before, and if so, was it a professional repair? There’s no shortage of Indramat drives online, but finding a good one can be difficult.

You must replace your drive with an exact match

You can’t replace your DKC11.3-200-7-FW drive with a DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive or a DKC11.3-100-7-FW drive. Each of these drives have a different current rating, and they are not interchangeable. Even if you’re aware of this, generic third party servo shops might not be. Replacing your drive with the wrong drive leads to frustration, downtime, and extra expense.

Factory repair is fast, simple, and effective

If you want the fastest, the most convenient, and the most way to fix your DKC11.3-200-7-FW drive, you want an Indramat factory repair. Factory repairs are performed by trained Indramat specialists who have access to original Indramat parts. Your unit is restored to the most current revision, and comes back to you after being tested to factory specifications. All Indramat factory repaired units come with a new factory warranty.

Call 479-422-0390 for factory repair with 24 hour turnaround.