MKE Motors

Indramat MKE Series Motors

Indramat MKE motors are designed for potentially hazardous environments. Fully closed, flameproof housing is the key to their great performance under difficult conditions. Other factors which make these motors workhorses in tough situations are the maintenance-free brushless design and lifetime lubricated bearings. With a high degree of overload protection and excellent heat dissipation, the MKE motor is the ideal choice for use under adverse conditions.

The MKE is also a high performance model with a high level of reliability. The motors were designed to meet the requirements and regulation of both European and American industrial motion control.


mke motors

If you’re still using this motor, though, you may have had it in service for a decade or more. It’s not designed for disassembly or troubleshooting on the bench, and chances are good that none of your engineers has ever worked with it before. If you get an error message, your first thought may be to replace your MKE motors with a newer model.

Fortunately, although this is a legacy model, we can offer you phone support, field support, or factory repair. Depending on the condition of your current MKE motors, we may also be able to provide factory reman. Reman involves a thorough service process:

  • cleaning all components
  • replacing all wearing parts
  • re-laqcuering the housing
  • testing the unit

The most important feature: sending your unit back to you with a new factory warranty.

While third-party repair shops may make promises, they don’t have access to original parts. Factory repair and reman always uses original parts.

Downtime is never a good thing. In order to keep your facility up and running, we can also provide you with emergency replacement units. We have the largest supply of legacy Indramat parts in the nation, and charter planes standing by to provide quick delivery when time really matters. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate service.