Indramat’s MKD071B-061-KP1-KN is one of the MKD range of servo motors.

The code name, which you will find on the nameplate as shown in the photo above, tells you all you need to know about this beauty.


The MKD range of servo motors is a versatile and economical choice designed for applications like food processing, printing, and machine tooling, which require power as well as precision. This 3-phase synchronous permanent magnet motor is know for its long life. Since it’s fully closed, it can be used in washdown environments and even in settings with explosive potential.

The MKD is a real workhorse of a servo, and plenty of them are still in service today.


This section of the name code tells us the frame size. 071 is one of the larger frame sizes (there are also MKD025, 041, and 112, among others), and B tells us that this is the longer length version of the MKD071.


061 tells us about the windings. There are various options: 024, 035, and 061.


This section of the code tells us some additional options.

K signifies that this motor has resolver feedback with integrated multiturn absolute encoder.

P says that the shaft has a keyway.

1 tells us that this particular MKD motor has a 5 Nm holding brake.


These two letters refer to the output and housing design. There are no other variations in this area among MKD071 motors.

The MKD motor range includes lots of options available in many combinations. The code name makes sure that we can identify all the specifications of your servo motor. The MKD071B-061-KP1-KN is not identical to any other model number in the series.

The name plate on the motor will show you the code name for your servo motor. If it’s an MKD071B-061-KP1-KN, call us and let us know your service needs. We can solve some problems on the phone, and we have charter planes standing by when you need field service.

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