Why Modular Is Better

There’s a good reason why Indramat motion control systems can still be found in plants and factories worldwide. Indramat systems are incredibly versatile, reliable, and efficient. Plus, they practically run forever and are virtually maintenance-free. In other words, Indramat is awesome. Part of what makes Indramat industrial motion control systems so great is the modular design.

Indramat’s modular design has big advantages. Here’s why modular is better.

Cuts downtime

A modular design helps decrease factory downtime. Whether you’re replacing a part or you have a malfunctioning unit, Indramat’s modular design allows you to quickly swap out units.

If you don’t keep spare units on hand, you can contact us for quick support.  We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units for Indramat systems.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining modular systems is a breeze. Needed maintenance and upkeep is easier, and it’s easy to diagnose problems when they occur. Replacing or updating modules is easier, since you don’t have to make changes throughout the system.

Keep running

Let’s say you need your drive repaired. Indramat’s modular design allows you to insert a replacement drive to keep your system running while we repair your unit.

Meet your needs

Modularization allows for more flexible customization to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

Easy to upgrade

Upgrading individual components doesn’t require a complete overhaul with Indramat’s modular system. This keeps you from spending more than you have to, upgrading parts that don’t need upgrading, and it allows you to focus on the exact aspect that you want to improve upon.

Constant improvement

Improving individual modules allows you to improve the entire system over time. Modular systems let you repair and replace individual components when needed.


Indramat doesn’t make new components anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to make do with your old legacy parts. We carry the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units, and we offer factory remanufactured units. Or, let us reman your current unit. Call 479-422-0390 for any of your Indramat service needs.