TVM Power Supply

Indramat TVM Power Supply

An Indramat AC installation includes a power supply and one or more drives. The TVM power supply module provides DC power for Indramat drives, which work with Indramat controls and servo motors. Together, they form the best motion control systems around.

One TVM power supply module can provide the power for six or more drives. These power supply modules minimize heat loss and power reduction, and can regenerate power. They can monitor the entire drive system and will alert you to problems throughout the system.

Your TVM module will have a code number, such as TVM 2.4-050-300-W1. Find your code number to make a service call easier.

When you need service for your TVM power supply, you should choose a specialist. We specialize in legacy Indramat electric motion control, so we have the experience you need. Since Indramat doesn’t sell original parts to third party repair houses, factory repair is your best option. We can facilitate factory repair and reman with quick turnaround.

We know that downtime is costly. Indramat components are modular, so you can pull them out and replace them easily. With legacy products, buying a new module may not be practical. But keeping your facility and your workers idle while you wait is not a good option.

Instead, let us supply you with emergency replacement unites. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate support.