KDV Power Supply

The Indramat KDV power supply rectifies the threephase mains AC voltage and provides DC high voltage for as many as 10 drives and their associated servo motors. KDV power supply modules can be connected directly to the mains without a transformer. They can operate in generator mode and feed energy that would otherwise be lost back into the mains. When in generator mode, energy is absorbed by the bleeder, and transformed into heat.

Heat is often the culprit in motion control problems, but the KDV has an innovation that improves its performance in this area. The heatsink is mounted on the back and protrudes from the cabinet so that just about 150 W of heat loss takes place in the cabinet. The rest — about 80% of all heat loss — takes place outside of the cabinet. You can therefore use a smaller cabinet with less cooling required. This distinguishes the KDV range from the TVM family of power supply modules. Apart from this heatsink difference, the KDV power supply modules have all the features of the TVM range.

With extensive monitoring functions included, the KDV power supply module offers diagnostics that help keep it on track, communicating with the drives through the signal voltage bus.

When you need KDV support

Are you using a KDV power module? This is a legacy Indramat unit, so chances are good that the droves and servos it powers are also legacy components. Avoid incompatibility and excessive downtime by choosing factory repair for your KDV modules.

These are the model numbers we usually see still in service:

KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115

KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220

KDV 4.1-30-3

Check the nameplate of your KDV power supply module for the model number and make a note so you can share it with us when you call. We are happy to provide phone support, field support, or factory repair.

Avoid costly downtime by calling us first. In addition to expert service and support from Indramat specialists, we can also provide emergency replacement units quickly. Our goal is to keep your plant up and running while we solve your KDV power supply problems.