Indramat’s MKD family of servo motors were one of the most popular servos ever. You can still find them in facilities across the country, still doing their jobs. You may have one in your facility. In fact, you might have landed on this page because you’re having trouble with your MKD090B-047-KP0-KN and you’re not sure what to do.

Here’s what to do: call us for immediate assistance. We’re specialists in Indramat industrial motion control, and we can get your facility up and running fast.


The model number of your servo tells a story. In this case, we can see that your motor is part of the MKD family of servos. These hardworking motors were originally designed to provide affordable automation for high-powered jobs like printing, packaging, and food processing.

090B tells the frame size of the motor — medium in a wide range of sizes, in this case. 047, the winding code, finishes the information on the size. The remaining letters and numbers give specifics about the shaft, the electrical connection, and other design details.

As you can see, finding an MDK motor with a similar motor type code won’t do the trick. Indramat motors are designed to be easily removed and replaced, but you must replace your faulty motor with an identical motor, not one that seems pretty close.

Where can you find an identical replacement?

We have the largest stock of emergency replacement parts in the country, so you can simply call (479) 422-0390 and order a new MKD090B-047-KP0-KN. You can receive your component by mail, or by charter plane if mail is not fast enough.

All our replacement parts have been refurbished at the factory. They’re repaired or remanufactured by factory-trained technicians with original parts. They have factory warranties and they are shipped directly from the factory. You won’t get that with an ordinary used part.

What about repair?

The same factors that should make you think twice about buying a used MKD090B-047-KP0-KN should make you think twice about having your MKD090B-047-KP0-KN repaired by a local handyman. Factory repair by a factory-trained technician with original parts is something very different.

We can have your component factory repaired with 24 hour turnaround. Call for immediate assistance.