HVR Power Supply

Indramat HVR Power Supply

The HVR Power Supply module is part of your Indramat AC drive set up. It works with Indramat drives and controls, and will power multiple drives with one connection to the mains. Similar to the HVE Power Supply, the HVR differs in two important ways.

hvr power supply

First, the HVR Power Supply provides regulated DC power to the drive or drives. This means that the voltage output is consistent even when the electric supply through the mains is not. HVR units are best when stable voltage is needed.

Second, the HVR regenerates the extra energy produced and feeds it back into the mains. This is a greener choice. What’s more, since the extra power doesn’t dissipate as heat, you don’t have excess heat to cope with.

HVR modules:


You can use HVR modules as much as 1,000 feet above sea level without power loss. They’ll function in conditions of relative humidity up to 95% and in temperatures up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re outside these ranges, you may experience problems.

If you need support with your HVR modules, we can help. We provide factory repair with a fast turnaround. The modular design means that you can remove one HVR module and replace it with another without additional configuration, and we have the largest selection of emergency exchange units around. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate service.