Indramat’s MKD servo motors are hardworking basic servo motors ideal for applications that require power and precision, like paper, printing, packaging, and food processing. For food processing, these motors need to have a special type of paint. This allows them to be used in environments that use caustic chemicals for washdown.

MKD motors work with digital controls and are among the most versatile motors in the Indramat stable.

The MKD071B-035-KP1-KN is a medium sized version of the MKD motors. It uses a resolver multiturn feedback system. The shaft has a keyway.

And if you rely on this motor to get your work done, repairing or replacing a faulty MKD071B-035-KP1-KN becomes very high priority.

Factory repair and reman

If you’re having problems with your MKD071B-035-KP1-KN servo motor, it might not mean that you must replace the motor. You could have issues with your cable or connection. Call us at (479) 422-0390 and describe the problem you are experiencing. We might be able to solve or at least to diagnose your problem over the phone.

We also offer field support. The MKD071B-035-KP1-KN is like all other Indramat motors in that it cannot be disassembled and repaired on the machine. We don’t come and repair servo motors in your facility, and you should not allow anyone else to do so.

Indramat as a company no longer exists. Your local handyman cannot buy new Indramat parts. The best you can expect is to see your servo cobbled back together with parts that sort of fit, or parts from used machinery.

Fortunately, Rexroth, the company that bought Indramat at the turn of the century, still supports Indramat machinery. Factory repair brings your servo motor back to you in like-new condition with a new warranty. It gives your MKD071B-035-KP1-KN a new lease on life.

Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance

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