Do you need service and support for your MKD041B-144-GP1-KN? We offer phone support, field support, and factory repair or reman.

The Indramat MKD is a servo motor designed for use in printing, packaging, food production, and other applications that require high power and precision in combination. The MKD is highly reliable. Overload protection and the option of using the servo in challenging environments make the MKD an excellent choice for washdown environments and other challenging applications.

The MKD041B-144-GP1-KN is a specific size of MKD motor with a connection box, a holding brake, and a shaft with a keyway.

The MKD is designed to be maintenance free since it is completely closed. The magnets that run the motor are permanent, and the bearings are lubricated for the full service life of the motor.

There’s the rub

The full service life of the motor was assumed to be about 10 years. Now we often see MKD servo motors still in service after 30 or more years.

If you have a MKD041B-144-GP1-KN that has been in continuous service since it was first installed, you have to figure that the bearings need some maintenance.

Factory repair corrects faults in your servo motor or other Indramat component. Reman takes it further. All wearing parts are replaced — including those bearings, plus flanges, fans, encoders, brakes, and switches. All parts are cleaned and the motor is re-lacquered. Your unit returns to you in like-new condition with a 24-month warranty.

Sometimes an error code can be cleared easily. We might be able to solve your problem over the phone. If you need factory repair, we can usually offer 24 hour turnaround. Either way, we’ll have your facility up and running fast. It doesn’t make sense to use trial and error for something as important as your servo motor. Call us — we’re Indramat specialists.