CLM 01.3-X-0-4-B-FW

If you’re like most Indramat owners, you’ve never had to replace your CLM 01.3-X-0-4-B-FW control. In fact, you might not even realize that you have a CLM 01.3-X-0-4-B-FW control. We tend to ignore or forget about things whenever they work like they’re supposed to. Since you’ve never had to troubleshoot your Indramat control, it never fails, and it doesn’t require maintenance, there’s no reason for you to know much about it other than how to operate it.

The trouble with things that work is that nobody knows how to fix them if they do fail. Owning a machine that breaks down all the time gives your engineer plenty of opportunity to hone his drive and control repair skills. Since Indramat controls hardly ever fail, few people know how to fix them.

This is probably true in your own factory, but it also applies to your average third party servo repair company. Indramat motion control systems are legacy systems. This means that Indramat parts and components are no longer manufactured new. Sophisticated motion control systems aren’t exactly something that you can crack open and tinker with, and newer technicians just won’t be familiar with older systems.

What to do if your control fails

If your CLM 01.3-X-0-4-B-FW control fails, there are four real options that you should consider.

  1. Sometimes your control is still in good condition and a different error is the cause of the problem. Troubleshooting the drive could be the solution.
  2. Indramat factory repair will greatly extend the life of your control and it provides a new one-year factory warranty.
  3. Indramat reman replaces all wearing and moving parts and protects your unit with a two-year factory warranty.
  4. We have replacement Indramat controls available if you need to replace your CLM 01.3-X-0-4-B-FW control.

Indramat factory repair and reman are performed by trained technicians who specialize in Indramat motion control systems. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate repair, replacement, or support for your Indramat products.