Indramat HDS

Indramat HDS Drives

Indramat HDS drives work with MKD, MHD, 1MB and 2AD AC motors in applications ranging from robotics to packaging to textiles.


The modular design of Indramat motion control was a game-changing feature in its day. When one module needs service, you can pop it out of place and replace it with another. There’s no need for reconfiguration, so you experience the least possible downtime.

Often, the cost of repairs is less of an issue than the cost of downtime. If your operators are standing around idle while your engineers try to troubleshoot a drive or control on the machine, your facility may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a minute. Getting the machinery back up and running is the highest priority.

Indramat’s modular design makes a difference here. As long as you know which component is causing trouble, you can replace it and get back to work. In order to make this a practical plan with legacy units like these, you need a source of replacement units. Fortunately, we have the largest stock of emergency replacement parts in the nation. This means that we can usually provide replacement units immediately.

Pull out the faulty unit, install the replacement unit, and you’re ready for factory repair. You unit will come back to you with a new factory warranty, just like new and ready to go. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate service by Indramat experts.