Authorized Indramat Repair Center

Let’s say that your servo motor starts overheating, or your drive stops working properly. You can’t find your manual, and you don’t know how to clear the fault code or fix your servo yourself. You own an Indramat system, so you want an authorized Indramat repair center. The only trouble with that is, there’s no such thing as an authorized Indramat repair center. You need real factory repair or reman.

Indramat does not authorize repair shops

If you see a third-party repair service advertising that they’re an authorized Indramat repair center, you should immediately click away from the website, reverse out of the parking lot, or otherwise take your leave as quickly as possible.


Because an “authorized Indramat repair center” does not exist. Bosch Rexroth – the company that essentially absorbed Indramat, and still provides service for legacy Indramat products – does not authorize third-party repair services to fix or repair Indramat products.

Certified Indramat repair

The only way to get a certified Indramat repair is by going through Bosch Rexroth. Sure, you might get a decent repair going through a third-party repair shop, but that repair service is in no way authorized or certified by Indramat. What’s more, that third-party shop can’t buy original parts or even get the original specs from the factory. Don’t take a gamble on your business with a shady repair service that claims to be authorized.

Instead, get your Indramat products fixed properly. Call us at 479-422-0390 anytime you have a problem with your Indramat motion control system. We can help you troubleshoot problems over the phone, or come to you for on-site support.

Need a repair or reman?

We provide emergency replacement units while Bosch Rexroth restores your Indramat products. No business has time for downtime. Installing a replacement unit keeps your line moving to minimize unscheduled downtime.

Remember, Bosch Rexroth does not authorize third-party repair services. If you want your Indramat servos, drives, or controls repaired or remanufactured properly, you must go Bosch Rexrowith factory repair or reman. We can support you with all your Indramat factory repair needs.