DKC 03.3

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The DKC03.3 is the Profibus drive, one of 4 fieldbus drives made in the DKC line. These drives can be used with any Profibus Master and can operate in several different Velocity, Torque and Positioning Modes. They are readily identifiable by the X30 9 pin Profibus connector, and by the H30-33 Diagnostic indicators.

The DKC03.3 is the second most popular fieldbus style drive, and typically will run one of the FGP firmwares. The DKC line, including this particular drive, is designed to work with the MKD motor.

The DKC series is part of the Indramat ECODRIVE range. This series was designed to provide an economical path to automation for handling, packaging, assembling, and similar applications.

When your DKC03.3 needs support, you can end up with serious downtime. The cost for unplanned downtime can be very high. Fortunately, the modular design of the DKC line means that you can replace the faulty unit with a new unit and get right back to work.

That’s only true if you have a replacement DKC03.3 on hand. Fortunately, we have the largest stock of emergency replacement parts in the nation. We can mail or fly a replacement to you, so you stay up and running while we facilitate your factory repair or reman. Factory repair means your part comes back to you like new — or you can use one of our refurbished parts, already in stock and ready.

We’re specialists in Indramat electric motion control. Your DKC03.3 may have been in service longer than any of your engineers. We know DKC drives intimately, and we can help you immediately.


Available DKC Type Codes

  • DKC03.3-016-7-FW
  • DKC03.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC03.3-100-7-FW
  • DKC03.3-200-7-FW