The DKC11.3 series from Indramat is also known as the dumb drive. Instead of a BGR input, or brain, these drives have just a blank cover plate. This means that DKC11.3 drives are easy to replace. While replacing the drive is a fairly simple process, getting the correct replacement can sometimes be tricky. Here is some advice to help you replace your Indramat DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive.

Match the type code exactly

All you have to do to replace a DKC11.3 drive is pull the defective drive, pop in a new unit, and replace the firmware module. This significantly reduces downtime, which is the biggest cost when replacing a defective drive. However, replacing your DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive with a different DKC11.3 won’t save you any time. Instead, it will lead to extra downtime, extra expense, and avoidable frustration.

This is because DKC11.3 drives come in three different current ratings. The DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive has a maximum current rating of 40 amps; this is the lowest current rating of any DKC11.3 drive. Make sure that you match up the type code exactly when replacing your drive.

Consider a factory repair for your DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive

Getting an Indramat factory repair is fast, simple, and reliable. Factory repair restores your DKC11.3-040-7-FW drive to like-new condition, and your original unit comes back to you with a new factory warranty. We can provide you with a replacement drive while you wait for your repair.

Indramat drives don’t fail very often, but it’s very stressful when they do fail. Call 479-422-0390 at the first sign of trouble. We can help with phone support to clear error codes quickly, send you a replacement drive immediately, and arrange an Indramat factory repair with a 24 hour turnaround.