Most people don’t have experience troubleshooting Indramat DKC03.3-100-7-FW drives. These drives are incredibly reliable, and many of the operators who see DKC drives fail are seeing them fail for the first time. Repairing an Indramat drive isn’t common knowledge or a common skill. Here’s what you need to know to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible.

What should you do if your DKC03.3-100-7-FW drive stops working?

The first thing that you need to do is reference to your Indramat troubleshooting guide and check the error code. Indramat drives don’t fail very often. It’s possible that the cause of the Indramat drive error is somewhere other than the drive.

Various issues can cause Indramat drive errors including loose connections, bad cables, interference, and pollution. Replacing a DKC drive that isn’t broken will not fix the problem. It will just waste time and money.

Your troubleshooting guide lists possible causes of error codes in order of likelihood. The most likely cause is at the top, and the least likely cause is as the bottom. Start at the top of the list and eliminate possibilities until you’ve identified the cause of the error.

If the problem is a defective DKC03.3-100-7-FW drive, then you will need to either repair or replace your drive.

Repairing and replacing DKC03.3-100-7-FW drives.

You can’t replaceĀ  a DKC03.3-100-7-FW drive with any random DKC drive. You can’t even replace it with any DKC03.3 drive, for that matter. An Indramat drive type code communicates important information regarding drive specifications. Replacing your drive with anything other than an exact match will lead to compatibility issues and downtime.

Make sure that you go through an Indramat specialist if you’re going to replace your drive. This ensures that you receive the correct module. We have the largest supply of Indramat emergency replacement units in the United States.

An Indramat factory repair is another great option. A factory repair restores your unit to like new condition. Sometimes your unit comes back to you even better than when it was first installed; a factory repair updates the unit to the latest technical revision. Your unit also comes back with a new one-year factory warranty.

Plus, factory repair is fast. We offer Indramat factory repair services with 24 hour turnaround. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance.