ADF Motors

Indramat ADF Motors

Indramat ADF servo motors are used as servos or as main spindle motors. They’re liquid cooled, and popular for textiles, printing, and plastic injection molding machines. They’re also maintenance-free and they can handle a broad range of speeds. Indramat ADF motors are protected against liquid seepage and outside objects. The coating is resistant to weathering and to both acid and alkaline solutions, but it may peel in a wash-down situation. You may also see peeling if you steam clean the motor often.



If you need service for your Indramat ADF motors, you need specialists. These are legacy servo motors, so your engineers probably aren’t familiar with them. What’s more,  Indramat does not sell original parts to third party repair shops. Bringing in a handyman or your all-around electronics guy won’t give you good results. However, the manufacturer does continue to support legacy products.

We can help with service and factory repair and reman. We specialize in Indramat legacy motors, drives, and controls. We’ve been working with this machinery for decades. Chances are good that we will have prior experience with any problem you’re facing. Call us at (479) 422-0390 for immediate service.