MKD090B-047-KP1-KN is a hardworking servo motor designed to combine with Indramat’s intelligent drives to create a cost-effective industrial automation system for industries like printing, packaging, and woodworking.

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The type code number tells you everything you need to know.

MKD is the family of servo motors. This is a high performance series of servos with a wide range of sizes. These are synchronous servos with permanent magnets. They are maintenance free, which is to say that the bearings are packed with lubricant intended to last for the working life of the motor.

The intended working life of the  MKD090B-047-KP1-KN is about ten years. We see these servos having their first problems after they’ve been in service for two or three times as long.

090 gives the frame size and B tells the length. 047, the winding code, completes the size information.

K indicates a multiturn resolver feedback, P shows a keyway shaft, and 1 shows that this motor has a holding break.

The last K tells us that there is a terminal box connection, and the final N shows that there are no special design elements in this motor.

Service solutions

Factory repair or reman is the best solution if you have a faulty  MKD090B-047-KP1-KN. When you choose reman, factory-trained techs replace all the wearing parts. If those parts have seen improvements since your MKD090B-047-KP1-KN was built, you’ll get that improvement at no extra charge.

Every part is cleaned and the motor is resealed and lacquered. It returns with a new warranty. You will be able to put it back into service for many more years.

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