The MKD025 series of servo motors from Indramat are compact and versatile. They’re great for printing, processing, and machining. If your MKD025B-144-GP0-KN stops working, it’s critical that you find a motor with a matching type code. Replacing your MKD motor with anything other than an identical replacement is going to cause problems.

Replacing MKD025B-144-GP0-KN servos

MKD025 servos come in dozens of different versions. The motor type code includes important information about your motor including dimensions, shaft type, winding code, and whether or not the motor has a holding brake. If you replace your MKD025B-144-GP0-KN motor with a different motor version, you could be looking at extra downtime and extra expense.

Here’s a rundown of the MKD025B-144-GP0-KN type code

  • “MKD” means that this motor is in the MKD family of servo motors from Indramat
  • “025” indicates the motor size. MKD025 motors have flange size of 54mm, and a centering diameter of 40mm.
  • “B” represents motor length: 0.9 Nm.
  • “144” is the winding code for this motor.
  • “G” indicates that the motor has a plain shaft.
  • “P” means that the motor has an RSF with integrated multiturn absolute encoder
  • “0” indicates that the motor does not have a holding brake.
  • “K” means that the motor has a connection box power connector.
  • “N” means that this is motor has the standard housing type.

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Finding the correct replacement for your Indramat servo motor can be challenging. Indramat products haven’t been manufactured in almost 20 years, the motors you do find aren’t always in good condition, and matching your type codes is trickier than you might think.

Even if you’re observant and you order the right unit, third party vendors might not be as perceptive. For example, you might receive a MKD025B-144-GP0-UN motor instead of the MKD025B-144-GP0-KN motor that you actually need.

As Indramat professionals, we can guarantee that you receive the correct unit that you need. We can also arrange a factory repair that will have your motor back to you with a new one-year factory warranty within 24 hour.

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