HVE Power Supply

Indramat HVE Power Supply Modules

Indramat HVE Power Supply Modules allow you to power multiple drives from a single electrical connection. HVE units provide unregulated DC bus voltage for your drives. They do not regenerate power. Instead, they dissipate heat through a bleeder. They’re typically used for handling and mounting tools, packaging and printing machines, machine tools, and food handling machines.

hve power supply

The main varieties:


If your power supply isn’t working, then your machinery isn’t working; it’s that simple.

If you’re having trouble with your HVE Power Supply, your first step should be to check your display for a fault code. One of the most common calls we get is fault code “66”. The problem with this is that there is no fault code 66, instead what you are seeing is “bb” which is Indramat for “no faults, ready to charge the DC buss”. The second step should be to check your incoming power. If the lights are still on and the cable looks good, your next step should be to call (479) 422-0390. We specialize in legacy Indramat electric motion control, and we can provide phone support or field support as needed.

Indramat motion control systems are modular for a very good reason, only the component that needs to be replaced has to be, instead replacing a whole power supply, drive and control all at once. Indramat systems are so reliable, that most people don’t get the chance to hone their troubleshooting skills on them. These systems just don’t give you enough trouble to keep current. Ineffective Troubleshooting on the machine leads to excessive downtime. Calling the experts will get you back in business in the least possible time, making everyone happy.

You might not need a new unit, though. Repair is a realistic — and cost-effective — possibility, if you are using factory repair. If you are using “Bob’s BBQ and Servo Repair Shoppe”, you probably better order fries with that, because you are gonna be here for a long time. Indramat does not sell components to ANYONE and there is no such thing as an “Authorized” or “Certified” Indramat repair shop. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying, it’s that simple.

The smart move here is factory repair, or exchange with a Factory REMAN unit. Factory repair will provide you with like-new machinery and a new factory warranty. Call (479) 422-0390 now and get an emergency exchange unit or quick turnaround on factory repair.