KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220

The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 converts three phase AC voltage into regulated DC voltage for the drive modules. It can power as many as ten drives at a time. The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 provides +24V and ±15V for all attached drive modules. KDV supply modules can be operated with a continuous mechanical output of 24 kW. The continuous regenerative power can equal up to 2 kW.

Other modules in the KDV family can supply higher continuous regenerative power for applications that need it.

KDV power supply modules have a heatsink mounted at the back, protruding out of the cabinet. Because of this, 80% of all heat loss for these modules takes place outside of the cabinet. If you need a power supply for high power applications, but you need a smaller footprint, the KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 is an excellent choice.

The KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 is also a legacy unit. You can’t got out and buy a new one, even if it seems ideal for your purposes.

However, we keep the nation’s largest supply of Indramat emergency replacement units on hand. All of these units have been fully repaired or remanufactured at the factory, with original parts. Most come with a warranty.

So if you’re in need of a KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220, we can provide a unit you can use with confidence.

KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 service

If you’re already running a KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 and you’re seeing problems, we can help. As Indramat experts with decades of experience, we can probably diagnose the problem over the phone. We also offer field support when it’s needed. You might not have to replace your KDV 2.2-100-220/300-220 at all.

If your unit is damaged or faulty and needs repair, we can provide factory repair. That means expert repair with original parts. Factory reman is also an option. Factory reman brings your unit back to you with a new warranty.

We can also provide emergency replacement parts to keep you up and running while your repairs are completed. Call for immediate assistance.