CLM 01.3-X-E-2-0-FW

Looking for a replacement Indramat CLM 01.3-X-E-2-0-FW control? We have a range of Indramat products available, including CLM 01.3-X-E-2-0-FW controls, but a factory repair or Indramat reman might be good options as well. Call 479-422-0390 or contact us online today. We will get your motion control system back up and running fast.

There are three main types of Indramat CLM control. CLM 01.4 is the most recent version, and is easily identifiable by its gray faceplate. The CLM 01.2 and CLM 01.3 controls are more difficult to tell apart. Locating and reading the model number will clear up any confusion, but you can also tell which type of CLM drive you have by checking for a removable firmware module. Indramat CLM 01.3 controls come with a removable firmware/program module, while the CLM 01.2 controls do not.

Repair, replace, or remanufacture?

It’s common to look for a replacement Indramat control when your control stops working (although it’s rare for Indramat controls to fail in the first place). Replacement isn’t your only option, however. Since Indramat products are all legacy products – meaning that every Indramat control, drive, or motor that will ever exist has already been made – it becomes increasingly to difficult locate replacement Indramat products.

We’re happy to accommodate Indramat owners who want to replace their drives, controls, or servomotors, but Indramat repair and reman are equally good options.

A remanufacture is the next best thing to a brand new control. Reman restores your unit to like-new condition. Trained Indramat specialists correct the problem with your unit, update the equipment to the latest revision, and replace all worn and wearing components.

Whether you choose a factory repair or a reman for your CLM 01.3-X-E-2-0-FW control, your unit gets a new factory warranty. Factory repair provides a one-year warranty while reman boasts a two-year warranty.

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