The Indramat MKD090B-047-GG0-KN is an asynchronous permanent magnet motor designed to work with the Indramat intelligent drives to provide powerful, precise motion control systems for printing, papermaking, packaging, and food preparation.

Does maintenance-free mean forever?

MKD motors are maintenence-free. This is largely because they are brushless and the bearings are lubricated and fully sealed. The lubrication is guaranteed for the service life of the motor. The service life of the motor is about ten years. The average MKD090B-047-GG0-KN has been in service for a lot longer than ten years.

This is a good reason to consider reman for your MKD090B-047-GG0-KN. Factory reman includes replacement of all wearing parts. In many cases, the parts have been improved since the original component was built. Technology has made progress over the past few decades. When your component receives updated replacement parts, you receive a free upgrade of your motion control system.

Remanufactured parts are fully cleaned and repaired, the motor is resealed, and it is lacquered. It comes back to you in like-new condition or better, with a new warranty.

Factory repair

If you’re not ready for reman, you might be thinking about repair. We can facilitate factory repair with 24 hour turnaround. Factory repair, like factory reman, is undertaken by trained technicians wiyh original specs and parts.

Third-party repair is often done by people with no experience with Indramat motion control systems. They never have access to new, original manufacturer parts. The result can be worse than the component was before you began trying to fix it.


If you’re in a hurry, you might not want to take time for repair or reman. We have the nation’s largest stock of remanufactured replacement parts. They come directly from the factory in factory packaging. We have charter plane service to get them to you with the least possible costly downtime.