TVR Power Supply

Indramat TVR Power Supply

An Indramat Modular AC system has a Power Supply which then supports one or more drives on the DC buss. The TVR Power Supply came in one model (TVR 3.1-W015-03) for 15KW of DC power, and provides for regeneration of power back on to the buss in the event of drive regeneration due to load and de-acceleration. This makes it a good choice for applications with continuous high levels of regenerative power. The TVR can be used with the TDM, TDA, KDA and DDS series drives.

TVR power supplies can be connected directly to the mains without filters and they have a high overload capacity.



If you’re having trouble with your TVR module, the unit has a diagnostic display to help determine the fault type and resolution. These can range from voltage problems all the way up to processor faults. If the unit has failed, the modular nature of the system will allow you to replace your TVR 3.1-W015-03 quickly and efficiently.

We have TVR 3.1-W015-03 exchange units in stock for immediate shipment, and can also arrange for factory repair of your unit if needed. Either way, we can have you back up as quickly as possible.



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