KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115

The KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 is part of the Indramat KDV family of power supply units. These modules convert three phase AC power into regulated DC power to juice up Indramat drives and servo or spindle motors. One KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 can power as many as 10 drives, plus servos running machinery with as many as six axes.

One of the great things about this range of power supply modules is that they can work in generator mode, converting energy produced by the machine’s braking into heat which can be fed back into the mains.

They also use a heatsink mounted to protrude outside the cabinet. This allows about 80% of the heat loss to take place outside of the cabinet. In many cases, this obviates the need for cooling in the cabinet.

These heat solutions are the reason that the KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 is often described as a cold-running power supply unit.

KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 service

KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 is the model number for one of the most popular KDV units. If you see this code on the metal nameplate of your unit, you can easily pop the unit out and replace it with the same model. The modular design allows fast replacement of the unit. Instead of shutting down production and performing repairs on the machine, you replace one module with another and get your facility back up and running quickly.

However, the KDV 1.3-100-200/300-115 is a legacy unit. You can’t buy a new one from the manufacturer. fortunately, factory repair with original parts is available. Your module will come back to you in like-new condition.

Still, you’ll want to avoid downtime during repairs.

We have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in the nation. This means that we can get your replacement unit to you fast — by charter plane, if necessary. Your unit can go in for factory repair and return to you, or you can choose to keep the replacement unit to minimize downtime. Call us for immediate assistance.