Indramat Parts In Stock?

Some ads for Indramat products tell you that a DKC motor or a power supply unit is “in stock”. Under normal circumstances, claims of having a product in stock means that they have a physical inventory of parts sitting on their shelves. You can simply order the part, and they’ll ship it your way. However Indramat products haven’t been made for well over a decade, and they are often hard to come by. So what does it really mean when someone claims to have Indramat parts “in stock”?

Is it really “in stock”?

There are a few issues with third parties claiming to have an endless inventory of Indramat products for sale.

  • Indramat parts are no longer made.
  • They’re not easy to get.
  • You can’t order Indramat parts regularly.
  • Bosch Rexroth – the company that owns Indramat – does not sell Indramat units directly any more.

In other words, they probably aren’t actually in stock.

But it says Indramat parts “in stock”…

Including “in stock” in the title of a product page is a bold claim. So bold, in fact, that it’s incredible. Because you aren’t claiming that you have a part in stock sometimes, you’re claiming that you have the part in stock at all times.

When these companies that sell motion control products claim to have Indramat parts “in stock”, they’re just trying to lure you in. They may have some parts in stock some of the time, but that’s not actually the case for everything.

When you see “in stock” in an ad or in the meta description for a website, stop and think before clicking through. These claims are hard to believe when you consider how difficult it is to get Indramat products in the first place.

If they’re not in stock, what do I do?

You want a repair or reman when dealing with legacy motion control products. You can’t always buy a replacement, because those products aren’t being made any more.The best option is seeking factory repair.

We have the largest selection of emergency replacement parts in the nation. This means that we can supply you with the Indramat product you need to keep your system running, while your unit undergoes factory repair or a remanufacture.

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