Is your MKD041B-144-GG0-KN acting up? Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.

Indramat components are not designed to be repaired on the machine. That would slow down your facility with way-too expensive downtime. Instead, you can pop out the faulty component and replace it with a fresh, identical component. That’s the fastest route to getting your facility up and running again.

The modular design that allows this type of repair or replacement is key to Indramat’s functioning. Just use the model type code to identify the right replacement unit.

What does the model type code say?

MKD servo motors are a series of servos in multiple sizes with multiple variations in the details. That long number you found on your servo contains all the details you need to replace your faulty component and get back to work.

For your MKD041B-144-GG0-KN, MKD identifies the general type of motor. MKD motors are among the most popular Indramat servos. They’re powerful, precise, and economical. They are designed to work with the Indramat digital drives, often using a single drive for multiple motors.

The numbers following MKD specify the size of the motor. 041 is the frame size and B tells the frame length. Frame sizes include 025, 041, 071, 090, 112. There are A, B, C, and D versions of each frame size. The larger letters show a longer motor length, so MKD041B-144-GG0-KN refers to a medium sized motor.

There’s one more aspect of size to consider: the winding code. The winding code defines the electric motor output data for your servo. MKD041B servos come with winding codes 058, 143, and 144. The MKD041B-144-GG0-KN has a winding code of 144.

The next group of letters specify some of the other details of the motor. Every MKD motor has an encoder, either single or multi turn. The MKD041B-144-GG0-KN has a G for resolver feedback and another G for a plain shaft with no keyway. 0 says there is no holding brake for this motor. K tells the direction of output from the terminal box.

The final N just says that there are no special design details beyond those already mentioned. That space is essentially a placeholder for something special.

Using the right model type number ensures that you will have the precise servo motor you need when we send you an emergency replacement unit. We have charter plane service if you’re in a real hurry.