The MKD090B-035-GP0-KN is one of the Indramat MKD servo motor family. These servos were made in frame sizes up to 112, with the 090 group in the middle of the size range. The B following the MKD090 code refers to the frame length. Again, this is in the middle of the size range.

If you need service, factory repair, or an emergency replacement part for your MKD090B-035-GP0-KN, call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.

The MKD series was designed to provide affordable power for applications like printing, packaging, and food preparation. A synchronous, permanent magnet motor, the MKD series works with Indramat’s intelligent digital drives.

The windings code for this motor is 035, the smallest of the MKD090 series. it has a shaft with keyway and no holding brake. It has a terminal box with a side B connection.

Service options

No Indramat component is designed for troubleshooting or repair on the machine. Instead, the Indramat modular design makes it quick and easy to remove a faulty part and replace it. We keep MKD090B-035-GP0-KN servos on hand for emergency replacement. We even offer charter plane service for situations when time is of the essence.

We know speed always matters. That’s the reason Indramat components are designed to be changed out quickly. We know that downtime is the most expensive part of any MKD090B-035-GP0-KN breakdown. Call us as soon as you know you need service. We offer 24 hour turnaround for factory repair.

Factory repair and reman

Factory repair or reman is your best option. Reman includes full cleaning of the component, replacement of all wearing parts, and reseal and relacquer of the motor.

Your MKD090B-035-GP0-KN will return to you in like-new condition with a new 24-month warranty.

Remember that your warranty becomes void if you let a third-party repair shop try their hand first.

We’re specialists in Indramat legacy units. Our priority is always to get your facility up and running.