Partial or Complete Indramat Retrofit?

Sometimes partial is a bad thing. Getting a partial haircut, for example, is not good. Providing your friend with partial directions to a secret fishing spot in a remote and confusing part of the country – again, not so good. Partially cooking raw beef that’s been expired for a few days, or partially constructing a roller coaster are also two very good examples of when partial completion is a very bad thing.

Doing something in part is not always bad, however. In fact, sometimes partial makes perfect sense. Indramat retrofitting can be completed in partial or full machine retrofit.

Why would you want a partial retrofit?

Some Indramat motion control systems have been running reliably for three decades. In most instances, these systems still meet the needs of the manufacturers that own them. Of course, you do run into problems with legacy motion control systems from time to time.

A partial retrofit makes sense when one part of the system limits the production capabilities of the entire machine. For example, your drives and motors are capable of handling the load, but the controller electronics no longer cut it. You want to upgrade the part of the system that’s holding you back, but you don’t necessarily need to retrofit the entire machine.

Upgrading Indramat systems doesn’t have to mean a complete change. A partial retrofit can increase the lifespan, and improve the performance of an older system without the added cost and downtime involved with a full machine retrofit.

Does a partial retrofit work?

It’s surprising how often a partial retrofit is all your system needs, and just how much improvement a partial retrofit can make. Partial retrofitting can add years to a lifespan – and greatly improve capabilities and output – of a machine. What’s more is that a partial retrofit can also save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary upgrades and downtime.

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