KVR Power Supply

Indramat KVR Power Supply Modules

The Indramat AC drive system consists of a power supply module and the drives it powers. There could be one drive or ten — the KVR power supply module runs the drives and all the servo motors in the system.

KVR power supply modules have regenerative capability, so the energy from braking that might otherwise be lost will instead be fed back into the mains. Because of this, your KVR module should be connected with the mains. The internal power contactor makes it possible to isolate the drives from the mains.

The KVR can tolerate brief overload to accelerate the feed and main drives. The heatsink is located outside of the cabinet, keeping 80% of the heat outside of the cabinet. This allows a smaller footprint and less attention to cooling of the cabinet.

KVR 1.3-30-3 is the most common configuration for the KVR power supply module.

KVR 1.3-30-3 support

If your KVR power supply module isn’t operating as it should, call us for phone support, field support, or factory repair and reman.

The diagnostic messages of the KVR can reduce the number of possibilities for the cause of problems. For example, the signal 04 indicates a mains fault. Chances are good that you’re not dealing with a bleeder overload. Find the diagnostic message before you call, if possible.

If you can’t find it or don’t have time, call us and we can help you determine the problem.

If you need a new KVR unit, we have emergency replacement units in stock and charter plane access so we can bring them to you with little delay.

Third party repair houses don’t have access to original parts or schematics. Factory repair brings your unit back to you  in like-new condition. Call us for immediate assistance to minimize costly downtime.