Your Indramat DDS02.2-W100-B drive may never fail. Indramat made some of the highest quality motion control components you could buy and their systems are still working reliably in factories all over the world, decades after the company stopped production and ceased to exist. While you definitely want reliable servo drives, Indramat’s longevity does create an issue. The average technician never gets a chance to work on Indramat drives. Before you take your DDS02.2-W100-B drive to the lowest bidder for a repair, you need to know the risks involved with your average third party Indramat repair shop.

What you don’t get with a third party Indramat repair

Most third party repair shops don’t have access to original Indramat parts. This means that the technician who repairs your unit is using generic or salvaged components. Motion control relies on accuracy and precision, and using anything other than authentic Indramat parts compromises your motion control system.

In the same way that you wouldn’t take a Rolls-Royce to a generic auto shop, you shouldn’t take your Indramat DDS02.2-W100-B drive to a generic servo repair shop. Indramat systems are legacy systems. There’s no guarantee that the third party repair technician can provide a good Indramat repair. It’s possible that he’s never even seen an Indramat system before.

Third party repair doesn’t come with a factory warranty. If you get a botched repair, the repair shop might offer to take another crack at it. How much can you trust their second attempt when they failed the first time, though?. You’re really just rolling the dice with a third party Indramat repair.

What you get with a third party Indramat repair

Indramat factory repair and Indramat reman provides confidence and peace of mind. Bosch Rexroth, the company that now controls the Indramat brand, employs trained technicians who specialize in Indramat motion control systems. These technicians have access to original Indramat parts.

Your unit comes back to you with a one-year factory warranty for factory repairs, and a two-year factory warranty for remanufactures.

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