Indramat HDD Drives

Indramat HDD Servo Drives are unique. They run two motors from a single chassis.


These drives were designed to meet a specific need: a smaller footprint for cabinets. The negative? If one side stops working, both sides will.

Indramat motion control units are designed to be modular. They can’t be repaired in situ. This makes sense, since the downtime involved in stopping work at your facility makes this option cost prohibitive. Pull out the old module, pop in a new one, and get back to work — that’s the plan.

So if your Indramat HDD drive stops working, your best bet is to replace it with a repaired or remanned HDD drive. You could theoretically use two HDS drives instead, but they won’t fit your cabinet space, and they will require completely different configuration.

Accept the fact that your HDD drive is a special item. We can provide emergency replacement units while we facilitate factory repair.