KDV 4.1-30-3

The Indramat drive system consists of a power supply module and one or more drives. The KDV 4.1-30-3 provides continuous drive power starting at about 10 kW and continuous feedback power greater than 1kW. The KDV 4.1-30-3 is more powerful than the KDV 2.2 family. It’s just right if you need a step up.

Like the other members of the KDV range, the KDV 4.1-30-3 is a “cold running” power supply unit. Its heatsink is designed to stay outside of the cabinet. 80% of heat loss also stays outside of the cabinet, so you can save significantly on cooling. You can also use a smaller cabinet than with the similar TVM series.

Heat generated by machine braking is fed back into the mains with little energy loss, so you can operate the drives even while braking. A power supply of 3 x 380 … 460V, 50 … 60Hz can be used without the need for a transformer. In an emergency, power can be shut down immediately, since the regenerated power can run the braking mechanism and the drives for an extended time.

This powerful module is just right for high-powered applications.

KDV 4.1-30-3 problems?

Call us for immediate assistance. You’ll be talking to Indramat experts located in the U.S.A. we can provide phone support, field support, and factory repair.

The KDV 4.1-30-3 is extremely powerful. A powerful source of electricity has the potential to be very dangerous. This isn’t the kind of unit you can just open up and poke around in. In fact, Indramat units are never designed for repair on the machine. Instead, their modular design is intended to allow you to pull them off the machine and replace them easily.

However, the KDV 4.1-30-3 is a legacy unit. You can’t go out and buy a new one. Fortunately, we have fully factory remanufactured units on hand, and we can deliver them to you with a charter plane to reduce your downtime.

We can then provide factory repair or reman for your unit. It will return to you in brand new condition.

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