Indramat DKC01.1-040-7-FW

DKC Type 1

Indramat’s Type 1 DKC series was an economical alternative to the DKS drive. An integrated drive, the DKC series includes both the control and the power supply. It is perfectly suited for high powered applications like printing and packaging. The combination of power and precision makes Indramat electric motion control a perfect choice for these applications. DKC01.1-040-7-FW is still one of the most popular drives.

DKC01.1 tells us that this drive is part of the Type 1, series 1 family of DKC drives, version 1. 040 tells the type. This drive was also made in a 030 version. 7 lets us know that the drive is rated for 700 volts.FW is a reminder that this drive requires firmware. It is not reconfigurable, so the correct firmware is a necessity.

The DKC01.1-040-7-FW and other Type 1 DKC drives are legacy parts. Many of them have been in commission  for decades. Often, by the time a client calls us with a problem, the drive has outlasted all the engineers who were with the company when the DKC01.1-040-7-FW was first commissioned. In fact, your DKC01.1-040-7-FW may have been commissioned before most of your engineers were born.

It makes no sense to tinker with your DKC01.1-040-7-FW. Contact us immediately for factory repair or reman. Your component will return to you with a new warranty, in like-new condition.