Indramat CLC-V2.3C-FW controls are well suited for a wide range of applications. They’re perfect for your everyday run-of-the-mill motion control, multi-axis electronic line shaft, and complex control used in robotics. These controls were designed to be used with Indramat DDS, DKS, DKC drives and Indramat’s MDD family of motors, and they’re ideal for multitasking.

What do you do when you need a new CLC-V2.3C-FW Indramat control, though? They don’t exactly grow on trees. In fact, they aren’t even produced any more. All Indramat components, including CLC controls, are legacy parts. This means that finding replacement Indramat parts can sometimes be a nightmare. The good news is that you have several options when it comes to replacing your CLC-V2.3C-FW Indramat control.

  • Factory repair
  • Indramat reman
  • Replacement

Indramat factory repair and reman

Since CLC-V2.3C-FW Indramat controls are no longer made new, restoring your current unit is often the best option. Indramat made some of the highest quality industrial motion control components the world has ever seen. The great thing about quality is that it’s lasting. Typically your Indramat controls can be restored to their former glory if you have a knowledgeable technician working on it.

Factory repair provides a quick, convenient, and reliable repair option. We offer Indramat factory repair services with a 24 hour turnaround. All factory repaired units come back to you with a full one-year warranty.

Indramat reman takes things a step further. Your control gets a complete overhaul. A remanufacture replaces the components and wearing parts, the entire unit gets updated, and it comes back to you with a two-year warranty.

Replacement Indramat controls

We also offer replacement CLC-V2.3C-FW Indramat controls to those who are not interested in repair or reman. Sometimes a unit is beyond repair and replacing the control is the only option.

Whether you’re looking for a factory repair, reman, or a replacement CLC-V2.3C-FW control, we can help. We have the nation’s largest supply of emergency replacement units – and charter flights available – to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support.