Thinking About Indramat Upgrades?

Upgrades are good, right? To upgrade means that you’re improving upon what you currently have. Marketers and advertisers tell us all the time that we should always want something better than what we already have, and feel bad for having anything less than the best. Upgrading isn’t always the best option, however. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about Indramat upgrades.

The margins

Marginal improvements make premature upgrades wasteful and unnecessary. Does the cost of an upgrade justify the improvement? What are you getting with the upgrade that you didn’t previously have? Is it worth the cost?

Wants vs. needs

People tend to upgrade prematurely. Part of this comes from a culture where upgrading is in vogue, and we constantly strive for the finest and the shiniest. It’s important to determine whether you want an upgrade or you need an upgrade, especially when the cost of upgrading is high.

That salesman with the very nice teeth tells you that your system is archaic and you need a new one. You might even agree with him. Not because of his dental hygiene, but because your system is 30 years old. However, your system still meets your needs and the salesman would tell you that you should upgrade even if you had the latest and greatest motion control system.

Upgrade when it’s necessary and it makes sense for your business, not just because you want to.

Legacy vs. obsolete

Old and obsolete are two different things. Sure, if it says Indramat, it’s a legacy product. That means that they’re no longer made new, but that doesn’t mean that they are no longer capable of delivering reliable performance.

Making money vs. spending money

In general, you get a better return on your investment when you delay upgrading. The longer you use your current machinery, the greater the return. If your system still meets your needs, wait to upgrade until it makes sense for your business.

When do you actually need to upgrade?

Here’s when you should think about Indramat upgrades.

If you can’t get support for your system, then upgrade. We offer repair and support for all Indramat products.

If your current system is holding you back – limiting production, causing you to fall behind your competition – then upgrade.

Indramat’s durability is unrivaled. Of course, you will inevitably need to upgrade. The basic upgrade framework from Indramat to current Rexroth products is:

When it’s time for an Indramat upgrade, give us a call. Until then, we can keep your current legacy Indramat system running smoothly.