The Indramat MKD071B-061-KG0-KN is part of Indramat’s MKD series of servo motors. These are permanent magnet synchronous servo motors for high power applications. MKD motors were designed to provide economical power for food production, printing, packaging, and similar applications. They’re fully sealed,maintenance-free motors.

Maintenance-free means that the bearings are lubricated for the full service life of the motor. What’s the full service life of the motor? Indramat predicted 10 years. We still see MKD motors from the 20th century. It’s a fair bet that these motors could use some maintenance.

Do you need service for your MKD071B-061-KG0-KN ?

We are Indramat specialists with decades of experience. We provide phone service, field service, factory repair and reman. Call us for immediate assistance.

If your MKD071B-061-KG0-KN  is faulty, your best option is factory repair or reman. Indramat servo motors can’t be repaired on the machine. Instead, you should pull the faulty servo off the machine. We can provide an emergency replacement unit so you can get back to work immediately.

We even offer charter flights to get your replacement motor to you extremely fast. We know that downtime at your factory is the most expensive consequence of a broken motor.

Factory repair and reman mean your motor gets back to you in like-new condition, with all-new wearing parts, cleaned and sealed and relacquered. With reman, you get a new 24 month warranty.

Other options?

You could hope that your local handyman can fix your MKD071B-061-KG0-KN. However, spare parts aren’t available to third party repair shops. Where does your local fix-it shop get their parts? We’ll leave it up to your imagination.

You could also try buying a MKD071B-061-KG0-KN  on eBay or Amazon. Will you get a warranty? Are you even sure that you’ll receive a MKD071B-061-KG0-KN rather than another model?

Don’t take the chance. Call now for the fastest and most reliable service for your MKD071B-061-KG0-KN  and any other Indramat component.